Professional Learning Communities allow faculty from our region to collaborate on activities related to IBL. This could include Classroom Visits, Reading Groups, Content Planning Groups, etc.

In the NE-IBLM coaching model an experienced IBL faculty member (the coach) is paired with a faculty fellow who is interested in advancing their use of IBL. The coach and fellow not only observe each other's teaching but actually co-teach, model teaching techniques to each other, and reflect together on a common teaching experience.

Classroom Visits

Each semester, faculty are invited to share their schedule of IBL(ish) classes, so that we can visit and learn with each other. You can add your classes to the list at ​ and see other people's entries at this link: If you are interested in visiting someone, reach out to them to connect and discuss details. After the visit please add your reflection here.


Smaller regions inside the New-England region may want to start their own structure. The local ambassador is the connecting link between NE-IBLM and the smaller region - including reaching out to other practitioners. The local activities could include PLCs, Classroom Visits, Coaching, Workshops, etc.

Boston Area:

Mami Wentworth, Mel Henriksen (Wentworth Institute of Technology)