Conference October 23, 2021 - Virtual

Modality: remotely with a possibility of some in-person gathering.

Details and registration at:

Community Meeting: Nov 4, 7:30-8:30 pm

In this virtual meeting we will ask the community to help create/improve a clear mission and vision for our community. What are our values? What do we want to accomplish in the next years? Please come and join us :)

Check your email for the zoom link!

Reading Groups

Please check out our Professional Learning Communities Page to see which books NE-COMMIT is currently reading together.

Current Tea Meetings

Please sign up for our email list to see when our weekly tea meetings are happening. Some are themed, but many are just times to connect, support each other, and share ideas.

Past Events:

Thanks: Image by Nathalie Jullien via Pixabay

NE-COMMIT Resource HUB -- Open Workgroup on August 10

August 10, 12-1 PM

You are invited to this community workgroup to start setting up your own page on the NE-COMMIT Resource HUB at

Also read Geillan's blog post about this project.

Summer 2021 Meetings

We have lots of remote events going on this summer! :)

June 11, 10-12: Summer meeting to reflect on remote teaching and plan for the fall.

July 6, 10-3: Statistic workshop, see details further down on this page.

July 22, 10-12: A Panel on ungrading with Candice Price, Erin Rizzie, Ileana Vasu, and Debbie Borkovitz. With work time during the second hour.

August 2, 10-12: Summer meeting to reflect on remote teaching and plan for the fall.

Workgroup: Reimagining Mathematical Experiences for Students (see email for details).

Simulation-Based Inference as a Model of Inquiry-Based Learning in Statistics: July 6, 2021 virtually

This institute will provide time, space, collaborators, and resources to develop a professional community of individuals interested in adopting inquiry-based approaches to teaching Statistics, both at the undergraduate and secondary levels. Participants will experience from the student perspective an example of commercially available introductory statistics curriculum [Introduction to Statistical Investigations, 2nd ed., Tintle, Chance, Cobb, Rossman, Roy, Swanson, VanderStoep] Participants will unpack the key pedagogical features that support students’ conceptual development, they will work to plan a unit of study to implement in their classrooms, and prepare for collecting data about evidence of student understanding and possible misconceptions. Finally, participants will be offered the opportunity to observe a synchronous online implementation of SBI curriculum to listen to the way students talk about statistical concepts and discuss them with their colleagues.

Facilitators: Laura Callis ( and Jen McNally from Curry College (

Tuesday, July 6, from 10 - 3 pm Eastern, virtually

Register here:

Deadline: June 24, 2021 (to receive access to publisher's materials)

Small Ways into Teaching with Inquiry Workshop

April 17, 10-12 on zoom - with social lunch time after.

If you are (or feel) new to including inquiry in your classes, this workshop is for you. You will first experience a short inquiry activity as a student and use it to reflect on a “definition” of inquiry-based mathematics education. Then we will split into themed breakout rooms to work on one aspect of our teaching, such as designing worthwhile tasks, eliciting students’ thinking, and creating a student-centered classroom. The goal is to develop one new (small) way to foster inquiry-oriented learning and to find colleagues who will support you in the process.

Facilitators: Shana Frank (Leaf Charter School, NH) and Christine von Renesse (Westfield State University).


NEMATYC Spring 2021 Conference IBL Workshop

April 15, 5-6:30 on zoom

Abstract: In a classroom centered around inquiry, students engage deeply with coherent and meaningful mathematical tasks via a collaborative process. Meanwhile, instructors inquire into student thinking and foster equity in their design and facilitation choices. This 90 minute session will explore an inquiry-focused lesson based on an activity from a content area that students may see in their first and second year in a college mathematics classroom. During the session, participants will be immersed in an inquiry classroom centered around an engaging task. They will then have the opportunity to analyze the live inquiry classroom and its components and to identify teacher practices that support students in learning with inquiry.

Facilitators: Meredith Watts (Mass Bay CC), Ileana Vasu (Holyoke CC), Volker Ecke (Westfield State University).

NEMATYC 2021 Conference: Inflection Points

Workshop on Team-Based Learning

The workshop was held on Saturday, March 13th from 10:00AM to 12:30PM, with an optional social "lunch" to follow. This workshop included an introduction to Team-Based Learning and on designing tasks for your classroom. The hope is for you to leave with a newly designed or reworked task in hand. Whether you're an IBL beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this workshop is appropriate for anyone interested in active learning. Facilitated by Carly Briggs (Bennington College).

NES/MAA Northeastern Fall Meeting

At the all-online NES/MAA section meeting Nov 20/21 ( there were two sessions for people new to teaching with inquiry run by Ileana Vasu, Rachel Schwell, and Volker Ecke. We are grateful to the organizers of this regional MAA conference for giving us the opportunity to share our excitement with everybody.

1) The Section NExT Workshop on Friday, Nov 20, 2:30-3:30 PM, was especially geared towards new or early career faculty who are curious about teaching with inquiry.

2) On Saturday, Nov 21, from 11:00 AM - Noon, we ran an inquiry session open to all conference participants. If you were sad because you missed Ileana’s “Live Classroom” on Linear Algebra at the recent NE-IBLM Conference, here was your second chance!!

Conference 2020, Boston University

The event took place online on October 24, 2020. See here for the full website and registration.

On Wednesdays 12:00-1:00 PM through the summer, you're invited to participate in NE-IBLM Summer Lunch meetings. Tentative topics:

  • June 10: Reflect on spring, plan for summer. Notes.

  • June 17: Asynchronous versus synchronous in general as choices

  • July 1: Assessment (oral exams, mastery based grading, …)

  • July 15: Engaging students (using synchronous and/or asynchronous structure)

  • Jul 29 (2 hours): Nuts and Bolts Work Group: Short summary and then work in groups according to content area and choices of campus, equity & inclusion, assessment, engagement, etc.

  • Aug 5 (2 hours): Nuts and Bolts Work Group, continued …

RSVP email to host is appreciated. Video link via email.

Workshop at Worcester State University

March 28, 2020

The workshop did not take place as planned because of covid-19. Instead the Worcester and New Haven workshops merged into one online event.

The original program can be found here.

March 28, 2020

The workshop did not take place as planned because of covid-19. Instead the Worcester and New Haven workshops merged into one online event.

Annual Conference to start NE-IBLM. October 19, 2019.

Inaugural Conference to start NE-IBLM. November 10, 2018.